Photos from the set of our Pixel Lincoln Kickstarter video shoot!

A week ago three of us nerded out big time and changed Ryan Harbinson’s (Island Officials COO / IGDA Philadelphia Vice-Chair) living room into the best living room ever. We (carefully) tossed aside his nicely framed Bob Marley posters, and proceeded to trash the place with gaming memorabilia.

I brought some of the best of the best, so much that you may not even notice all of it, but there are some gems in there. I contributed my Earthbound with it’s manual, 7 Campbell Whyte original NES illustrations, my original Game Boy, Virtual Boy, a bunch of Video Game board games, awesome pixel dioramas, my Mario Dance Dance Revolution dance pad, and much, much more.

The shoot was a ton of fun and the video is coming along really well. We were all super sad to disassemble everything after the shoot, because it was pretty much the coolest room ever.

Here are some stills:



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