Promo Postcards For Origins and E3!

We ordered a bunch of these sweet promo postcards to give out at Origins and E3. Designer Jason Tagmire will be at Origins with the game (most likely hovering around the Unpub folk and wearing a Pixel Lincoln T-Shirt), and Ryan Harbinson and Ryan Morrison will be representing Island Officials at E3 in full force (look for the Island Officials signs).

If you get a postcard talk to us! We have more goodies to be revealed this week too.


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8-Bit Emancipation.
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2 Responses to Promo Postcards For Origins and E3!

  1. heya looks like a kewl game but may i suggest you change or fix the colour for the numbers on the upper left corner? it’s pretty hard to see easpecially the green numbers on grey. cheers

  2. pixellincoln says:

    Definitely. The cards are still a work in progress.

    The green power color has been modified since the postcard image above. It’s more like The Beardarang image on the right, but nothing is final yet. Still room to make tweaks.


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