100% FUNDED!! Lots of news too.

So, a lot happened over the weekend.

1. We reached our $5000 goal on Kickstarter! – I really appreciate all of the support. It’s so exciting to be there in less than a week, and hopefully continue to grow over the next few weeks. We have lots of fun stuff to share (stretch goals, etc), so please keep an eye on the Kickstarter Page, our site, Board Game Geek and Twitter.

2. We made it into the official Kickstarter Blog and Kickstarter Tumblr, as well as the Staff Picks!

3. Upcoming events! This weekend (June 15th-17th) is Too Many Games in Oaks, PA. We’ll be there with Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game on display and available for demos all day Saturday.

4. We’re also doing an Unpub Pixel Lincoln Liveplay (watch us play the game live, online) on Sunday June 24th at 5:00PM EST.

5. The rules! Game Salute posted the very first version of the rules (0.1), to get a feel for the game mechanics. We’re tightening the rules, adding example images and everything else as we speak.

5. The gameplay videos! We posted the first gameplay video as well. This shows the setup and anatomy of the item/enemy cards. We’ll have another video up this week.

6. Exclusive audio advertisement! Yesterday the Flip The Table podcast launched with a whopping 4 introductory episodes. Each episode features an awesome Pixel Lincoln audio ad that they made for us. (“Now you’re playing with cardboard!”) Great guys, and a great podcast.

7. More custom cards! A few from last week didn’t make the site, so I will show them here. We have some good ones planned for this week too.

David Jaffe – Designer of God of War and Twister Metal.

Lorien Green – Director of Going Cardboard – the awesome board game documentary film.

Stay tuned for stretch goals and other awesomeness!


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