Holy Stretch Reward #1… PIXEL LINCOLN MEEPLES!

Our Pixel Lincoln Kickstarter campaign has been going very well, and last night Game Salute announced our very first stretch reward.

If we hit $10,000… we will get PIXEL LINCOLN MEEPLES!

These are so exciting. Instead of moving your player card around the levels, you will now (hopefully!) move your meeple around the level. This was something that was completely out of our reach a few weeks ago, and now we’re just a few dozen pledges away from making it happen.

We have a bunch of other great pledge rewards planned so the sooner we can hit this one, we can announce the next one.

Thanks everyone. 😀

Pixel Lincoln on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/springboard/pixel-lincoln-the-deckbuilding-game-0


About pixellincoln

8-Bit Emancipation.
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