Card of the Day: Secret Item – Extra Life

We’re going to be doing a daily calendar for the last 4 weeks of the Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game Kickstarter campaign, showing off an Item every Monday, an Enemy every Tuesday, a Character every Wednesday, a secret every Thursday, and a Boss every Friday. We’ll give full details about the card and how it is used in the game. Make sure you come back each day!

And now, the elusive Secret Item. I added Secret Items into the game as an homage to the hidden blocks in Super Mario Bros., and the false walls of many games that followed. The feeling of accidentally unlocking something awesome is one that sticks with you for life. I will never forget the secret extra life on level 1-1. And as a tribute, we made today’s Secret Item card.

It’s an extra life! Very handy in video games, especially the HARD ones. In the Pixel Lincoln DS game, you may come across one of these statues. If you get close enough, Pixel Lincoln will hi five the statue, giving the player one extra life.

In the card game, Secret Items are shuffled into the level deck and randomly drawn. As soon as one is revealed, the game can become a race to pick it up. They are rare, powerful, and best of all free!

Extra Life: Place under your Pixel Lincoln player card. Remove from the game if you lose a life.

It’s a little bit of a cushion to protect you from the impending doom. And speaking of that… check back tomorrow for our first Boss!

If you like old-school video games, and you’re looking for an all new style of deckbuilding games, please support Pixel Lincoln on Kickstarter! We have some great stretch rewards and custom character cards for our backers. Thanks everyone!


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