Card of the Day: Item – Slime (with a smile!)

We’re going to be doing a daily calendar for the last 4 weeks of the Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game Kickstarter campaign, showing off an Item every Monday, an Enemy every Tuesday, a Character every Wednesday, a secret every Thursday, and a Boss every Friday. We’ll give full details about the card and how it is used in the game. Make sure you come back each day!

New enemy time! And this time, it’s a slime!

There’s something special about Slime. He’s not a miserable slime like you would normally see. He’s slopping around with a smile!


Power = 1

Value = 0

Points = -1

Cheat: Down, Right

Ability = Block: When defeated, place into an opponents score pile.

And probably the most important thing to mention about the slime is his Block ability. Instead of scoring him in your score pile, you will place him in an opponents score pile, hopefully blocking them from securing the win!

Behind that smile, he’s is quite the dirty slime.

The awesome original artwork for the slime was created by Suzanne Rofe, and was part of the original Pixel Lincoln game.

This enemy was an automatic shoe-in once we started making the DS game, and once I started the deckbuilding game, I added a few more smiley slimes.

Here is the Metal Slime.

And here is the unreleased Ghost Slime. He is not part of the final game, but may show up somewhere down the line. Or maybe not. Or maybe he already has and you can’t see him because he’s a ghost!

See you tomorrow with a new character!

If you like old-school video games, and you’re looking for an all new style of deckbuilding games, please support Pixel Lincoln on Kickstarter! We have some great stretch rewards and custom character cards for our backers. Thanks everyone!


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