A few clarifications for anyone with preview copies of Pixel Lincoln.

The preview copies have shipped and there may be some questions. Here are some clarifications.

There should be 8 Life Cards, 2 for each player. The rules state differently at one point.

The game uses 6 Checkpoints total. There are extras in the package.

The correct text for Plague Doctor should be as follows: RESPAWN: When DEFEATED, reveal the top level card. If an enemy, it will immediately replace Plague Doctor.

The rules for the Cheat Code expansion, as well as the bulk of the Cheat Codes were not included. They are optionally played by lining them up off to the side before you start, and they can be obtained during the game by cashing in enemy cards with the matching arrows. If you have the matching enemies in your score pile, you can cash them in (by removing them from the game). You will then take the Cheat Code and place it on top of your Player # Card. You now have that additional (intentionally overpowered as you are CHEATING) ability. And since you are cheating, you might as well steal. Other players can steal the card from you by cashing in their own enemies that match. If another player removes the matching cards from the game, the will take the Cheat Code and place it on top of their Player # Card. That player now has the cheat ability.

In the event of a tie, the tied players in the lead will count up and see who has defeated the most enemies/mini-bosses and bosses. The player with the higher number will win the tie.

You may see a few cards that are not the final design.  Bunny Bomb has an coin value of “0” that shouldn’t be there. The mini bosses and characters don’t have their flavor text, and the checkpoint, and cheat code cards are placeholder for the final art versions.

I’ll edit this post as any other questions arise. Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy it!


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8-Bit Emancipation.
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