Card of the Day: Enemy: Zombie-Bot

We’re going to be doing a daily calendar for the last 4 weeks of the Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game Kickstarter campaign, showing off an Item every Monday, an Enemy every Tuesday, a Character every Wednesday, a secret every Thursday, and a Boss every Friday. We’ll give full details about the card and how it is used in the game. Make sure you come back each day!

Today we’re looking at a new enemy ability, Respawn… and who better to use that ability than a ZOMBIE-BOT!

Zombie-Bot’s crave data. In the form of 0’s and 1’s… and sometimes in the form of pixels. Pixel Lincoln is pretty much a magnet for them. And once one comes out, they can almost multiply with their Respawn ability.


Power = 2

Points = 3

Cheat: Left, Down

Ability = Respawn: When defeated, reveal the top level card. If an enemy, it will immediately replace Zombie-Bot.

Hopefully, you don’t reveal another Zombie-Bot, or this could go forever. (Or until you draw all 5 Zombie-Bots)

Next up is another character!

If you like old-school video games, and you’re looking for an all new style of deckbuilding games, please support Pixel Lincoln on Kickstarter! We have some great stretch rewards and custom character cards for our backers. Thanks everyone!


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8-Bit Emancipation.
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